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Leadership Team

We selected nine individuals to lead the Fluor Idaho team because of their relevant technical and business-management experience; consistent track record for on-time, within-cost project delivery; personal commitment to safety; and skill in streamlining processes to realize cost efficiencies. They have worked with one another before as colleagues at various DOE project sites, including Idaho, Hanford, Fernald, Portsmouth, and Paducah. Together, they have 165 years of DOE experience, including 28 years of experience at the Idaho Site. This senior management team will lead a projectized organization structured to execute the work scope efficiently, implement the most appropriate and cost-effective technical approaches, leverage the lessons learned from other Fluor-managed DOE projects, and provide accountability to DOE and stakeholders for overall project performance as we disposition transuranic waste (TRU), spent nuclear fuel, and high-level radioactive waste.

FredHughes.png Fred Hughes
Program Manager

Fred has 39 years of project-management and nuclear-operations experience associated with fuel removal, waste management, environmental remediation, and nuclear facility decontamination and decommissioning (D&D). Fred has led organizations to safely execute DOE projects valued at over $1 billion at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Ohio, the Hanford site in Washington, the former Rocky Flats Cleanup Project in Colorado, and the Idaho National Laboratory. As Fluor Idaho’s program manager, Fred is responsible for providing centralized leadership, instilling a safety-conscious work environment, and delivering on-schedule and on-budget project performance. He is a hands-on, results-oriented leader adept at working with regulatory agencies and stakeholders to overcome challenges and collaboratively achieve project milestones.
TomDieter.png Tom Dieter
Waste Operations Director & Deputy Program Manager

Tom, the incumbent senior leader for ICP, will lead the completion of off-site shipment of all ISA TRU waste for disposal by December 31, 2018. With 32 years of experience in commercial and EM nuclear operations, Tom is a leader in DOE EM waste management and reactor and nuclear facility decommissioning. During his 10 years in executive leadership roles for ICP, he led the full scope of the ICP Core Contract. He managed the generation and/or retrieval, characterization, packaging, and disposition of 5,038 m3 of TRU waste and 31,086 m3 of M/LLW. His team also completed 3.61 acres of ARP waste exhumation. His experience at ICP will help our team meet the critical 2018 ISA and exhumation milestones. He also supports DOE’s and Fluor’s goals of worker health and safety, risk reduction, and protection of the Snake River aquifer by ensuring continuity of solid waste operations.
PeggyDavis.png Peggy Davis
Business Director

Peggy has more than 30 years’ experience in business operations and financial management supporting DOE contracts. She has supported six separate DOE contracts at three sites within the complex. Peggy has served as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Support Services for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) near Aiken, SC and as Controller at Fluor Hanford in Richland, WA. She has successfully led teams that collectively have not only reduced indirect costs to the government in excess of $482 million but also implemented lifecycle cost savings strategies in pension and benefit management exceeding $780 million. In her position with Fluor Idaho, Peggy is responsible for prime contracts, procurement and subcontracts, legal, human resources, labor relations, IT, property management, financial management, records management, and document control.
AliceDoswell.png Alice Doswell
Environmental, Safety, Security, Heath, & Quality Assurance Director

Alice has more than 30 years of experience and numerous professional certifications in her field. As the Senior Vice President of Environmental Stewardship, Safety, and Health (ES&SH) for SRNS, she had site-wide responsibility for environmental compliance, environmental restoration, radiological protection, occupational safety and health, medical, and formerly safeguards, security and emergency services. Prior to joining SRNS, Alice served as Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESH&Q) Manager for Parsons at the Salt Waste Processing Facility Project at the Savannah River Site (SRS). As Fluor Idaho’s ESH&QA Director, she provides leadership of ESH&QA programs and policies and is accountable for safety, security, radiological control, environmental compliance, quality, and the Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) for the ICP Core contract.
HossBrown.png Hoss Brown
AMWTP/ARP Operations Manager

Hoss, incumbent Vice President of RWMC/ARP, will provide direct, focused management of AMWTP operations and buried waste exhumation, reporting directly to our Waste Operations Director/DPM, Tom Dieter. With 22 years of experience in nuclear operations, Hoss brings RCRA closure and CERCLA waste operations experience from ICP and Rocky Flats. For the past 10 years at ICP, Hoss has worked with union and salaried personnel to create a safe workplace culture, with clear work controls and procedures. Under his leadership, annual exhumation rates have doubled since 2008, resulting in the exhumation of more than 60% of the required 5.69 acres. Hoss will provide a high-confidence level to DOE during the consolidation and delivery of AMWTP/ARP.
MichaelSwain.png Michael Swain
INTEC/SNF Director

Based on Mike’s leadership record in key ICP Core work scope areas (liquid waste, facilities management, hot cells, and SNF) at the Savannah River Site (SRS), he will lead one of Fluor Idaho’s two major project execution areas focused on INTEC. During his 34-year career at SRS, Mike has directed both operational scopes (up to $200 million/year) with O&M organizations having as many as 600 personnel, as well as research operations teams with 250 personnel and 800 matrixed tenants working in his facilities.

Mike drives a culture of safe, disciplined project execution with outstanding performance. He will apply conduct of operations rigor to resolve technical challenges at INTEC related to operation of IWTU, RCRA closure of liquid waste facilities, RSWF operations, and SNF transfers, enabling delivery of our ICP Core schedule and performance milestones.
MarcJewett.png Marc Jewett
Regulatory Planning & CERCLA Remediation Director

Marc has dual roles on the Fluor Idaho team: spearhead our key regulatory interactions with state and Federal agencies, stakeholder organizations, and tribal nations; and perform the CERCLA remediation scope. With 35 years of leadership experience in regulatory decision-making, strategic negotiations, and CERCLA/RCRA remedy implementation activities, he has earned the reputation as a skilled facilitator of risk-based solutions to complex issues facing DOE. He has led or supported the interpretation, negotiation, and application of regulations for 15 heavily regulated sites in five USEPA regions, including Idaho’s Region 10. For the past 20 years, he has served as Fluor’s lead regulatory strategist at Portsmouth, Hanford, and Fernald, where he has helped DOE negotiate regulatory milestones for major CERCLA cleanup projects that were completed on schedule. Marc’s proven ability to develop trust-based relationships with regulators provides our team with fresh solutions to deliver the project and achieve DOE’s milestones for the ICP Core.
JohnLaw.jpg John Law
EM Infrastructure Director

John is an executive/program manager with more than 30 years of experience working in the engineering and construction business, and over 20 years of experience as a program/operations manager and 18 years in facility management (including nuclear) and utility operations and upgrades. John is also an expert in regulatory negotiation, engineering, construction, D&D and waste management.

Most recently John has been the Project Manager for the On Site Waste Disposal Facility (OSWDF) at the Portsmouth Closure Project in Piketon, Ohio The OSWSF is a $350M DOE Capital Asset Project which, when completed, will receive all wastes from the Portsmouth Closure Project. Prior to holding this position, John was both the Deputy Director Site Maintenance, Infrastructure and D&D Projects (SMIDD) and Manager of Projects/Construction. This scope of work included all power operations, potable water treatment and distribution, sanitary systems, steam plant operations, project engineering, work planning, site maintenance, utility upgrades, new construction, renovation, decontamination and demolition of facilities and management of nuclear and non-nuclear facilities.

Prior to his assignment at the Portsmouth site, John was the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Executive Vice President, North Wind Group, Idaho Falls.
AnnRiedesel.jpg Ann Riedesel
Communications Director

Ann has more than 20 years of experience as a communications professional working with federal and state government and private industry. She is experienced in public affairs, employee communications, media relations, and community outreach. She developed and implemented the public communication program for BNFL Inc.’s Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project as well as numerous other environmental management programs for clients such as the DOE, DOD, and state agencies, including the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. She also spent 4 years implementing the public involvement program for the INL environmental management program as well as 3 years managing the INL EM Site Citizens Advisory Board. Ann will serve as the Fluor Idaho Communications Director, responsible for stakeholder outreach, public affairs, and employee communications.