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At Fluor Idaho, people are our greatest resource. Together, we will solve challenges and achieve results as we deliver the Idaho Cleanup Project Core mission.

The job application process provides a full listing of all available jobs and enables you to submit a resume for a specific job posting. Consideration will be given only to candidates who have applied for a specific job posting. Candidates may also modify existing information by logging in.

If you are a current employee, you must apply on the internal web page to show as an internal candidate.

Before you apply, please note:
  • The U.S. Department of Energys' Idaho site is a federal facility that performs work involving national security. As such, our jobs require U.S. citizenship.
  • All available jobs can be viewed on this web site. A job posting will indicate if a preferred candidate has been identified.
  • If you are a displaced defense nuclear facility contractor employee, please indicate your 3161 eligibility in your resume.

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Human Resources Contact Information

  • For general inquiries and information about employment opportunities please email:
  • For Verification of Employment, please contact:
  Current Fluor Idaho Employees: Brandi Nelson
    (208) 533-3774
  Former ITG Employees: Michelle Crystal
    (208) 533-6390
  Former CWI Employees: Heather Dineen
    (208) 533-3777
  Verification of Employment Fax Number: (208) 533-3913


Fluor Idaho, LLC will fully comply with hiring preferences set out in Section H.3 of the contract in making its hiring decisions. For further information about the preference in hiring requirements, please click here.
Fluor is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability and/or protected veteran status.


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