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Members of the public who have questions or comments about the cleanup or the five-year review process are encouraged to contact:

Fluor Idaho
Erik Simpson

Nicole Badrov
U.S. Department of Energy
P.O. Box 1625 MS 1222
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83415-1222


Any person, group, or organization who has an interest in ensuring the completion of the cleanup mission is a stakeholder.

As the contractor for the Idaho Cleanup Project, Fluor Idaho is committed to involving stakeholders as it advances cleanup under the Superfund Program, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and other federal and state regulations.

We make the most of many public communication channels to keep you, our stakeholder, appraised of cleanup progress. Additional information about the ICP is available through specific cleanup project public meetings and community involvement events.

Agreements Governing Cleanup

The five-year site-wide review report has been placed in the INL Site Administrative Record, with copies in the DOE Reading Room at the INL Technical Library in Idaho Falls, and is also available on the Administrative Record website.

Several compliance amendments, and consent orders executed between 1991 and 2000 govern cleanup work at the INL site. The primary agreements are:

Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order (FFA/CO) - 1991 (Part 1)

Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order Action Plan (Part 2)

Notice of Non-Compliance Consent Order - 1992

Idaho Settlement Agreement - 1995

Voluntary Consent Order - 2000

Site Treatment Plan

Supplemental Resources

Major Documents

Proposed Plans

Records of Decision

Citizens Advisory Board (CAB)

Hazardous Waste Management Act/Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (HWMA/RCRA) Work Plan for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

Summary of the Part A for HWMA/RCRA Units at the Idaho National Laboratory

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